About the Book

Many men would love to be a father, but what happens when their dream doesn’t work out? The unexpected loss experienced by men who do not become dads, for whatever reason, remains largely unacknowledged by society. In this ground-breaking and no-holds-barred exploration, the journalist Robert Nurden goes on a journey through his own hurt and regret, unravelling the complexities of life as a childless-not-by-choice man. Robert’s story is accompanied by a series of remarkable testimonies from other childless men who add their powerful voices to his, creating a sense of belonging and community. At once hard-hitting, humorous and vulnerable, I Always Wanted To Be A Dad shines a much-needed light on men without children. With this invaluable book, Robert ultimately uncovers the hope that is discovered in acceptance, and the realisation that a rich and fulfilling life can still lie in wait.

The book was published in August 2023 and was officially launched at the Storyhouse Childless festival in Chester
on 23-24 September 2023